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Farm Doggie

First of all I want to present you Farm Doggie. This is a great game that you can play right now. There are a lot of dogs on the farm but maybe you didn’t met our cute wolf who can’t be our dog on the farm. Farm dogs are the one you always love, but here for sure you will love our wolf. Farm dogs are usually the dogs in the farm that are guarding, herding and helping the farmer.

In Farm Doggie game this is not the case since our wolf is the bad guy. This means that he is not like other dogs on the farm.

What a cute wolf you are in Farm Doggie game. Now it is your time to grab all the sheep from the barn. Watch out to the farmer who will shoot you with his riffle.

Grab all the apples left behind to get more points and to neutralize the farmer. Every level is harder and harder. Run a away from the bullets and back-stab the farmer from behind to block him for few seconds and continue your journey to catch all the sheep.

After you catch all the sheep you have to return almost safely to the starting point with the sheep in your bag.

Also try to play our Horse Farm Assistant game. Finally Farm Doggie is a great game that you can play with your friends.

Since we love this game we love to see you try to resolve all the levels. Farm Doggie is right here and you can enjoy for sure so play this game now.